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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

September 16th, 2014


When it comes to pedestrian accidents, it is far too often caused by one single factor. Negligence. We get behind the wheel and lose our self in radio stations and phone calls. We don’t even realize the danger is there until it is far too late. Not to say it is always the fault of the driver. A pedestrian can be just as careless, rather on foot or riding a bicycle. Most times though, the one behind the wheel is the cause of the accident.


Many times, these incidents could have been avoided if only the driver was paying attention. So how do these accidents usually happen?

  • A Pedestrian is hit while a vehicle is making a turn.


  • A Pedestrian is hit in a mid-block collision. Mid-block crossing is often dangerous, as it involves crossing a road or highway at a point where cars are often times not instructed to stop or slow down.


  • A pedestrian is struck in a parking lot or other non-roadway area. Just because it is a parking lot and not a road, both drivers and pedestrians should treat it with the same respect.


  • A pedestrian is struck well out for a walk, jog, or are riding their bicycle along the side of the road. Even with bicycle lanes and sidewalks, the danger still persists.


  • A pedestrian is struck by a vehicle backing up. More common in areas such as parking lots and driveways.


  • A pedestrian is walking or running through an intersection. Waiting for the sign to signal it is safe to cross reduces the chance of this happening, but accidents can still occur.

Many of these accidents can be avoided if both the driver and the pedestrian pay attention to their surroundings. It is all to easy to assume it is safe to go, but far harder to recover from a painful accident. If you find yourself the victim of an accident involving being struck by a vehicle, Call the most dedicated pedestrian accident attorney Daytona Beach has to offer, Rick Kolodinsky. He will make sure you are represented equally, and receive what you are owed.

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